Move with the music! Gsou M1 outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker.

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The world is so big that I want to see it. The more boring life, the more want to jump out of the original framework to see.

The dullness of work and life makes people more eager to breathe fresh air.But the price of such "willfulness" is too high. In fact, Change the environment or get outof trouble, you don't have to go too far, you can also be around.For example,Youcan climb up the mountains nearby to have a look;or take a walk around the park. Of course, it would be perfect to bring it with you!

Gsou M1 is an outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker with simple and generous appearance,the size 246.0x156.5x342.0mm in the outdoor portable speaker is relatively small, 2kg weight can be easily played, effortless.It Suitable for beach, family gathering, small performance, dance rehearsal and other scenes.

Gsou M1 is equipped with a 5.5-inch large caliber horn, with loud treble and abundant capacity. The double fold selvage process extends the bandwidth and has stronger low-frequency strength, which makes the sound more shocking.

Gsou M1 as an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, it supports IPX6 waterproof. In most cases, there is no problem with watering. Take it with you when you are outdoors. If it is dirty, wash it with water and it will look new. The leather and solid are resistant to making, and they are not a threat to it.

Gsou M1 supports not only wired microphones, but also wireless microphones, as well as reverberation adjustment. With colorful lights, and karaoke is no longer limited.

Gsou M1 supports U disk and Micro SD card playback and recording,3.5mm audio cable and charging line interface, and FM radio function. It can occasionally be used to listen to news and radio music, which is also a different experience. In a word,Gsou M1 is a music and karaoke player. It's definitely the best choice for friends and relatives to get together.