What is the difference between the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker

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With the increasing attention to wireless Bluetooth loudspeaker box, the loudspeaker, one of the most important raw materials, is gradually brought into people's notice. The loudspeaker decides the acoustic fidelity of the loudspeaker box. The key to electroacoustic transformation is the loudspeaker, which is also the important core part in presenting the original sound. The loudspeaker is made up of diaphragms, magnets, sound coils and frames, the shape and material of which play an important in the sound of the loudspeaker and that is why good quality loudspeaker boxes can produce good sound. Now, we will have a discussion about the sound coil of the speaker.

What is the difference between the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker

From the surface, the loudspeaker generally has only one coil. The double-coil loudspeaker, as the term suggests, has two coils, which are independently coiled around the same axis and both have the equal length, circles and electrical conductivity.

The advantage of the double-coil loudspeaker is its different ways of connection. Only one double-coil loudspeaker has three options of connection, namely, series connection, parallel connection and separate connection.  A double-coil loudspeaker with 4Ω per sound coil will be a 8Ω loudspeaker when the two coil have series connection and it will be a 2Ω loudspeaker when the two coils have parallel connection. If your car amplifier is designed for high impedance loudspeakers, then it is better for you to make the two coils have series connection. Instead, it is better to make the two coils have parallel connection. Compared with many woofer systems, the double-coil loudspeakers have obvious advantages.

If you have an amplifier with five sound tracks, one of them is for the woofer and on this sound track it will produce the best power when it is 4Ω. When you want to drive other four loudspeakers of the loudspeaker box to the best power, you have only two ways. One is to use four 4Ω single coil loudspeakers and the other is to use four 8Ω double-coil loudspeakers.

If you use single coil loudspeakers to 4Ω impedance of single sound track, you have to combine the series connection and parallel connection to connect the four loudspeakers. The problem is that it is worse to connect the loudspeakers through series connection because there is a little unavoidable difference between loudspeakers and there is unbalanced bearing power. So, connecting the two loudspeakers in a way of series connection will cause subtle difference between them, which results in sound distortion and this distortion will be strong with the number of loudspeakers increasing. If you use double-coil loudspeakers, the problem will be well solved.

The design of double-coil loudspeakers lies in putting the effect of the low pitch to the best in the limited space. To the same loudspeaker, the low pitch of the double-coil loudspeaker is stronger than that of the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker theoretically reaches the effect of the two single coil loudspeakers. The double-coil loudspeakers are characteristic of ultra thin surface, super lightness, high sensitivity, high performance, high output power, beautiful acoustic fidelity and little distortion. The double-coil loudspeaker box does better in the medium and low pitch—simply speaking louder, clearer and stronger.

At present, among the prevailing Bluetooth loudspeaker box products on the market, few manufacturers produce double-coil loudspeakers because of their high price except for Gsou Technology Co.Ltd, which, with ten years of manufacturing and research and development of vocal and visual products, launched a new series of U17X products in the spring of 2015. Double-coil loudspeakers are used in the U17X series, which are almost the same on the surface made in zinc alloys, giving a sense of simplicity but fashion. What is surprising is the exquisite big button design to be convenient and comfortable. The sensitive microphone built in the loudspeaker can make the talk clear through the speaker of Bluetooth and the built-in big capacity li battery can play music for 6 to 7 hours, which become more convenient to use in daily life. With the help of double-coil loudspeakers, Gsou Bluetooth speaker gives the best audio experience.

What is the difference between the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker
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What is the difference between the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker
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What is the difference between the single coil loudspeaker and the double-coil loudspeaker
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