Why is 2200mah Battery 18650 used in the Bluetooth speaker

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One of the important indexes of battery performance is the battery capacity, Battery capacity is the amount of electricity the battery stores. The unit is mAh and it is named in "why is 2200mah Battery 18650 used in the Bluetooth speaker" in Chinese. It is defined that the current generated at a full discharge at a certain point of time, such as: 1300 mAh, when the discharge current of 1300 mAh case can be maintained for 1 hours complete discharge.

With the increasing needs of high-quality and high-grade portable Bluetooth speakers, the portable Bluetooth speaker with the general use of lithium battery has presented some obvious problems such as nondurable battery and lack of lasting power. Especially, 1500mah battery in the double-coil speaker is regarded to be very good. However, Gsou Technology Co.Ltd with ten years of manufacturing, researching and developing vocal and visual products has used two high capacity 1860 batteries with 2200mah in the U210 products. Why? Electroacoustical Engineer Liu, who has15-year tone tuning experience, gives the answers as follows:

1. High capacity and high voltage batteries improve work efficiency and output power of the whole machine, satisfying higher-power needs and making more natural and less distorted sound.

2. The voltage of a single battery is 3.7. If it is 7.4v, the batteries must be connected in series. 7.4v battery is the effective way to ensure long- lasting power.

3. The positive and negative poles of Battery 18650 are separated, thus reducing the possibility of short circuit. It is equipped with protection circuit board to avoid overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, greatly prolonging battery life.

4. Battery 18650 has high capacity, high energy storage, good stability, no memory effect, long circle life and no toxic substance.

Battery 18650 is generally used in industry at present also more in laptops and high-grade flashlights. Battery 18650 is the lithium ion battery with 18.0mm in diameter and 65.0mm in height, including the core of the laptop battery, which is widely used in industry, and electronic devices such as laptops, walkie talkies and instruments and apparatuses. Even the hottest Tesla Model S also uses this battery pack.

Indeed, every battery has its constant life, which is decided by its charge circle times-about 400 to 600 times in general, but the user's habit has a greater impact on the battery. Bad habits of using the battery such as overcharge and overdischarge and exposure in high temperature will do irreversible harm to it, reducing battery life and potential safety hazard. What's more, GsouU210 specially designs a 15-minute sleep mode to close when unused, thus reasonably saving power and developing good habits of reasonably using the battery to do more meaningful things with limited power.

why is 2200mah Battery 18650 used in the Bluetooth speaker

Now, among the Bluetooth speaker products in the market such as double- loudspeaker box, all manufactures give up the fundamental requirement of acoustic fidelity after careful calculation of cost in order to guarantee the low price. Gsou Technology Co.Ltd works hard to provide high-quality vocal player equipment and acoustic effect for users.

Gsou U210, simple and fashionable, designs the big button to make it comfortable and convenient to use and it has two sound tracks with double- loudspeaker to ensure high-quality sound. Two 2200mah 1865 batteries of high capacity are built in the speaker to play music for 6-8hours and the microphone of high sensitivity is inlayed to make talks clear by hand-free and make it more convenient to use in daily life. With the help of equipments above, Gsou Bluetooth speaker will give you the best audio experience.