Speaker coil discovery: What's the secret of good speaker?

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What's the secret of good speaker?

With the development of wireless Bluetooth speakers, the most important raw material speaker attracts our attention, which is the key factor that decides the sound effect and quality of a finished product. The speaker is a core element of vibronic transitions and sound reduction. Its mainly composed of diaphragm, magnet and the voice coil frame etc. Their shape and material are vital to sound quality. A good Speaker builts a qualified product.

Speaker varies from different coil, which have the 13 core, 16 core, 18 core loudspeaker. The more coil, the better performance. The cost also have USD$1~$2 difference with different specification of speaker.

The larger diameter of magnet is, the stronger magnetism is. The stronger magnetism is, the larger power is. So is sensitivity, which expedite response from speaker. And the lower frequency current is, the larger power will be so that distortion is less.

Generally it's used 13 core speaker for most of Bluetooth speakers.And the one used 16 core is up to USD $100.

Gsou is striving to achive better sound quality for bluetooth speakers. 18 coil of dual magnet speaker is applied for new products GSOU U220, GSOU U221, GSOU F1, GSOU F2. The main magnet N45 is for Gsou U220 and side magnet is N42 to ensure a stronger high-density magnetism, larger power comparing with same space of speaker, lower frequency, less distortion and more full the voice.