Gsou U150 ultra-mini Portable Bluetooth wireless speaker User Manual

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Gsou U150 mini Portable Bluetooth speaker User Manual
Thanks for purchasing Gsou U150 Ultra portable Bluetooth® speaker. Please take the time to follow the instructions in this User manual carefully. If you have any query, please call our national service hotline: 400-0985-400

Warnings and Cautions

  1. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, be sure the electrical circuits are not overloaded.

  2. To reduce the risk of electronic shock, be sure not plug the adapter with wet hands.

  3. Unplug the power cable if your device is smoking or abnormal and seek professional help from your nearest service center, be sure not detach the device yourself.

  4. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture. Liquids can cause a failure and/or a fire hazard.

  5. The power cable and audio cable can not be twisted or dragged in case of short circuit.

  6. Do not place any naked fame sources, such as lighted candles, on or near the apparatus.

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

Structure Introduction

Structure Introduction

  1. Power on/off;

  2. Play/Pause button. In Bluetooth® mode, short press is for Pause. The button is invalid in the AUX-in mode.

  3. Previous track button. In Bluetooth® mode, short press is for previous track, long press is for increasing volume, Note: the button is invalid in the AUX-in mode.

  4. Next track. In Bluetooth® mode, short press is for next track, long press is for decreasing volume, the button is invalid in the AUX mode.

  5. Microphone hole.

  6. Bluetooth® disconnect button and Answer/Reject call. In Bluetooth® mode, press and hold for 3 seconds to disconnect Bluetooth®. In Bluetooth® mode, short press for 1 second to answer the call, and long press for 3 seconds for rejecting call. In AUX-in mode, All keys are invalid. Unplug the AUX-in cable, it will switch to Bluetooth pairing mode automatically. Micro USB port is for connecting to DC 5V USB cable, to charge the U150 Bluetooth® speaker. Please take note that power adaptor is not standard accessory of Gsou Bluetooth speaker. You can use your mobile phone adaptor to charge the speaker or connect to USB port of your PC /power bank to charge the device. The limited voltage is 5V.

  7. AUX-in jack. Connect the U150 with your pc, MP3/mp4 player, Tablet, Mobile and other playback devices with 3.5mm jack by audio cable and U150 will disconnect the Bluetooth®

  8. automatically.

  9. Charging indicator. Red indicator lighted when charging, and off after fully charged.

Indicator instruction

Indicator Color

U150 working status

Blue indicator fashes

Status of waiting for connecting

Blue indicator remains

steadlily on

Connected to Bluetooth® source or

connected to aux in devices.

Low power indicator fashes

Battery voltage lower than 3.3v, Red light

fashes means your speaker need to be charged

Red charging indicator light

Red indicator is on when charging, and

off when fully charged.

Operation Steps

How to connect your U150 with Bluetooth playback devices?

  • Step 1 : Be sure your speaker battery has sufficient power.

  • Step 2 : Turn on your speaker and it will be in Bluetooth mode automatically and ready for connecting. The blue indicator fashes.. . Step 3: Open the Bluetooth® of your mobile, search the "Gsou U150" device and connect to it. Usually you needn't to input password for most of Bluetooth playback devices, but due to the Bluetooth version varies, sometimes, you need to input the default password "0000"(four zero) if required.

  • Step 4 : Blue light remains steadily on to indicate successfully connected.

  • Step 5 : Run the music player of your mobile, and enjoy the loud but clear sound from your U150.

How to connect the U150 with your notebook pc by Bluetooth®?

1,In the case of your notebook with the Bluetooth® function.

  • Step1: Start your notebook, search the Bluetooth® device by "Start-Setting-Control Panel".

  • Step2: Start the Bluetooth® searching function of your notebook, blue light fashes when searching the Audio-in devices.

  • Step3: Blue indicator light remains steadily on after connecting successfully.

  • Step4: You can play the audio music of the notebook by the speaker.

2,In the case of your notebook without Bluetooth® function.

Please buy the Bluetooth® adaptor additionally. After installing please start the Bluetooth® from the "Control Panel" or the shortcut of your pc desktop, please search for connecting, and the instruction steps are the same as the first case.

How to play music by AUX-in?

  • Step1: Your U150 comes with a standard 3.5mm Aux in jack for connecting with other non-Bluetooth audio devices,eg mobile phones,mp3/mp4 players.pc. tablet pc and etc. Plug one end of the audio cable to the AUX in jack of the speaker and the other end connect to audio source AUX jack.

  • Step2: Your speaker will disconnect the Bluetooth®, switches to the external source play, as the external source of AUX-in mode is prior.

How to pair your speaker with two playback devices?

Your Bluetooth speaker support to pair two playback devices at the same time, just follow the step 1 to pair two playback devices. Please note the other playback device can not play audio when one playback device is playing. You need to pause one player if you want to play music by other device.

Trouble Shooting

Speaker will not turn on?

  • Make sure your speaker battery has sufficient power.

Paired Bluetooth device will not connect?

  • If your device requires a pass code, make sure to input "0000" four zero.

  • Turn the Gsou U150 speaker off and back on

  • Remove the Gsou U150 speaker from the pairing list on your Bluetooth device pairing list (consult the device owner's manual for assistance).Then pair the device and the speaker again.

Speaker indicates a connection, but it's not playing music?

  • Turn off or disable Bluetooth on all other paired devices nearby and reconnect the device you want to listen
  • Turn the Gsou U150 speaker off and back on

Can not pair the Gsou U150 with my Bluetooth device?

  • Make sure your speaker is discoverable
  • Your Bluetooth device maybe out of range-try to move closer to your speaker
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device supports the transfer of audio
  • Reset your Bluetooth speaker

No audio from a Bluetooth device?

  • Make sure your Gsou U150 is not muted and the volume is up.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device is playing audio and volume is up
  • Your Bluetooth device may be out of range, move closer and try
  • Turn your Bluetooth speaker off and back on

Poor sound quality from a Bluetooth device?

  • Your Bluetooth device may be out of range, move closer and try again
  • Move your Bluetooth device and /or Gsou u speaker from any device that generates electromagnetic interference, such as another Bluetooth device, cordless phone, microwave oven or wireless router.
  • Try to turning off WIFI to improve audio quality
  • Make sure your music file is not poor quality.
  • Turn your Bluetooth speaker off and back on.

No Audio from AUX source?

  • Make sure your connected device is on and playing
  • Make sure you speaker is in AUX in mode
  • Make sure the audio cable is correctly inserted
  • Increase the volume level on the device and speaker

    Poor sound quality from AUX source?

    • Reduce the volume level on the AUX source
    • Make sure the 3.5mm audio cable is fully inserted into the speaker and device.
    • Make sure your audio source and music file is not of poor quality


    1.Your speaker will power off automatically within 15 minutes if you did not pair it with playback devices in order to save energy. You need to power on speaker again when use.

    2.Bluetooth® compatibility note: U150 can be compatible with most of Bluetooth® devices with the different brands and models, but some individual Bluetooth® devices may have compatibility problem with the U150. If youz need further assistance, please contact our technical customer service: 0086-755-83222871.

    3.If your speaker paired with over 8 playback devices already. There will be 2 or more seconds delay for scanning and pair with new playback devices. Because your speaker need to scan the previous paired devices firstly to re-pair with them automatically. Simply to hold the previous track and next track button at the same time for 3 seconds to clean all the memory devices and resume default settings.


    Product specification




    Digital Amplifier


    Full range Φ45mm 20


    L64.5 x W64.5x H70.1mm



    Technical Parameters



    Bluetooth® chipset


    Bluetooth® version


    Supported protocol and profile


    Working current


    Working voltage





    ≥80 db



    Frequency response


    Working temperature


    DC output

    DC 5V


    Built-in 500mAh battery


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