Why Gsou U180 Bluetooth speaker hits 70,000pcs per month?

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Since entered into Bluetooth speaker filed in year 2012,Gsou released plenty of featured speakers till now. But Gsou U180 is the most popular portable wireless speakers in terms of sales. Now the model has exported to over 30 countries with monthly volume over 70,000pcs. What makes the model so popular? Let’s find out together.

Why Gsou U180 hits 70,000pcs per month?

1. Aesthetics and Design

Industry design has never been so important in the history since Apple released the first iPhone. There are lots and lots of Bluetooth speakers on the market now; more than ever in fact. They were quite possibly the best selling product of all this past holiday season, but with so many out there how do you pick one over the other? The answers are mostly likely focused on design and price. Gsou set up own industry designer team 6 years ago, which is rare to see in same sized manufacturers in China. The team is in charge of CEO directly. The U180 is wholly designed and owned by Gsou.

2. Pocket sized.

Personally I love the little bubble design much better than bar type ones, As far as portability is concerned those will obviously fit in more pockets than other shaped. Gsou U180 can be put into purse, pocket, hold in the palm, and place into cup holder in the car and etc, which makes your on-the-go more interesting. Just grasp it and go.

3.Zinc metal housing

The zinc metal housing can not be seen on Bluetooth speakers from other manufactures. Because it requires extremely high workmanship .It comes through 8 complicated procedures to get a perfect housing. For instance, Die-casting,De-burr, Manual polishing, Electroplating. Ultraviolet curing (UV) coating. Laser etching. Protective film and etc. And the defective rate is also very high. Any process defective will cause the whole part defective. the cost is around 3times than plastic and twice than aluminum.

Why Gsou choose Zinc metal despite of other cheaper finish like plastic, aluminum. There are several pros for Zinc metal housing.

  •  1>High end metal looking
  •  2>Quality handy feel.
  •  3>Heavy enough to make the speaker stable under max volume and strong bass.
  •  4>No extra weight iron needed
  •  5>No color fading.

Why Gsou U180 hits 70,000pcs per month?

4.5 watt inner magnetic driver

Unlike the common 3W or 1.75W driver for this sized Bluetooth speakers in the market. Gsou adapts a 5W (peak value) full range driver. The sound intensity and real output is much higher than those same sized speakers. Besides, the driver is a 16 core compared with other 13 cores. The inside magnetic structure makes the sound more natural and less distortion.

5.45mm big passive radiator

For mono full range speaker, passive radiator is a must if you want to boost the bass. But how to make the radiator works properly with driver is not an easy job. Gsou adapts 45mm big passive radiator to make sure the bass plays stronger than its size would indicate. The end user never too shy to say kind words of praise for this model on Amazon and some other B2C websites. Amazing, incredible are common to see among their reviews.

6. Long battery playback time

Thanks to the A class battery cell, The 500 mAh PLB battery can lasts over 8 hours playback time when under 70% of max volume according to the end customers’ reviews. So if they listen 2 hours per day, it lasts for 4 days for a charge.

7.No break or distortion under max volume and low voltage.

Thanks to our experienced engineers. They choose a special digital amplifier to match the driver. The amplifier ensures no break or distortion under low battery voltage. Even some big brands like UE can not avoid distortion under low voltage.

In a word, this well balanced Bluetooth speaker win the market by it’s non-compromised quality.