Full Zinc metal Premium Bluetooth speaker U150 Released

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May 30, 2014, the premium Bluetooth Speaker manufacturer- Gsou Technology released a new premium mono Bluetooth speaker. The model number is Gsou U150. If you are looking for a premium speaker with quality feel, high portability, premium sound, deep bass and quality look. Gsou U150 is second to none.

It's worth mentioning that Gsou got 3 orders for this model when just showed the design to our customers before pre-production. Just on the basis of their confidence and trust for Gsou.

 Full Zinc metal Premium Bluetooth speaker U150 Released

Design and Features

The U150 Bluetooth speaker looks fairly attractive; the two parts of full zinc metal house make the speaker is of exquisite look and quality feel. It weighs 261g -- to steer it away from feeling cheap.

Regarding the zinc metal part,Gsou deserves a pat on the back.

We adapt Zinc metal housing for most of our mono portable speakers. While most of competitors use plastic or aluminum housing. The zinc metal housing is rare to see in this product. Because it requires extremely high workmanship .It comes through 8 complicated procedures to get a perfect housing. For instance, Die-casting,De-burr, Manual polishing, Electroplating. Ultraviolet curing (UV) coating. Laser etching. Protective film and etc. And the defective rate is also very high. Any process defective will cause the whole part defective. the cost is around 3times than plastic and twice than aluminum.

Why Gsou choose Zinc metal despite of other cheaper finish like plastic, aluminum. Gsou CEO Mr Tim Cai said, it is because of our core product philosophy: Never compromise on quality. There are several pros for Zinc metal housing.

  • 1.High end metal looking
  • 2.Quality handy feel.
  • 3.Heavy enough to make the speaker stable under max volume and strong bass.
  • 4.No extra weight iron needed
  • 5.No color fading.

 Full Zinc metal Premium Bluetooth speaker U150 Released

Premium sound

It is time-consuming to make the speaker, especially the sound quality to be a premium one. It is related to a lot of aspects. For example, the driver, amplifier, passive radiator, cavity, closeness, structure, grid. All parts needs to match and work together harmoniously. If any part does not work properly. There will be distortion, break, extra vibration, low sound intensity, white noise. Thanks to the well experienced engineers. The U150 is well balanced. A 5watt 45mm driver plus a quality digital amplifier and a 45mm passive radiator to ensure it plays louder than its size would indicate.

It's worth mentioning the Bluetooth chipset and the speakerphone. As a Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth chipset is of great importance. Gsou use original CSR 4.0 chipset to ensure stable transmitting and high compatibility. Meanwhile, it features to pair two playback devices at the same time. It is much useful for sharing your music to your friends in small home parties. And for the speakerphone, some people really do want the speakerphone capabilities for answering incoming calls when listening to the music.

Want to know more about this outstanding bluetooth speaker? Just follow the below features.

1. Original CSR Bluetooth Chipset, stable transmitting and high Compatibility.

2. Bluetooth 4.0 Version. Low consumption and fast transferring.

3. Pair two playback devices at the same time.

4. Inside magnet 16 core loudspeaker, less distortion and more natural sound.

5. 5Watts 45MM driver to ensure loud, clear and rich audio experience.

6.  Big, Rich, Clear Sound with Amazing deep Bass

7. High-end Zinc metal with electroplating and UV finish

8. Full Zinc metal Premium Bluetooth speaker U150 Built for travel

9. Build-in noise cancellation digital mic to ensure clear phone call.

10. Big 45mm vibrating diaphragm for dynamic and powerful bass.

11. Quality digital amplifier to ensure no break and distortion under low battery voltage.

12. Build-in 500 mAh PLB(not simple PIB) battery with soft pack to ensure a safe transportation and worry free from explosion. A class battery cell giving up to 6 hours of constant playback and 500 times charging lifespan.

13. Line in port and cable for use with non Bluetooth devices.

14.total weight up to 261g to ensure stable under max volume.