Gsou CEO was interviewed by CBSi in HK CSF

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Gsou CEO was interviewed by CBSi in HK CSF

Q:As we know, Gsou stepped into Bluetooth speaker field for not a long time,we are wondering why Gsou can achieve so much progress in such a short time,what is the secret?

A:Actually the so called secret is “ wider vision and bold innovation”.Gsou set up our own philosophy of brand operation since establishment.we persisit in keeping our own characteristics.  Quality product only. never do any rubbish product.we dare say that we never done any copied products although it iseems it is the fastest way to gain short term benefit.we have our industry designer team and also we work with some famous ID house to ensure our design is always ahead of competition.

Q:We found the inner structure and sound quality of your products are very exquisite,as we have detached several of your models in our audio test lab.My question is how Gsou can do such a good job?

A:Thank you for your words. In fact, it is also what we are proud of.we have an exellent R&D team.for example,we set up a proffesional audio R&D team very early. All of our engineers from the mechanical engineer,acoustics engineer to our electronic engineers are with over 8 years experience in their perspective field and some of them have working experiences in world celebrated company for over 10 years. These talented engineers help Gsou to build the fame quickly in audio field.Now we can release 8 plus featured new products anuually.

Q:As we know Gsou was and now is still the leader of webcam,also Gsou set up fame quickly in Bluetooth speakers. How do you control your product quality?

A:Firstly,Our factory is certified by UKAS ISO9001:2008 international quality system and ISO14001 :2004 envoirment system.

Secondly,Gsou always believes a good product comes from the original R&D not inspection or we control very strictly from the original R&D of evrey product to wipe out the possible defective into the cradle.

Thirly, we have a complete and strict quality control system.we control every details from IQC,PQC,IPQC and QA. Our internal AQL is much more strict than our customers’.for example our AQL is major 0.5.

Forthly.we have a whole set of testing equipment to cope with our quality requirments.for instance,the battery capacity instrument.proffesional soundproof room,burning test room,Audio precision,salt mist test instrument,bending test instrument and etc.

Q:What new products will Gsou release for this HK Fair.Could you please give a brief introduction of them?

A:Based on our careful survey and customer studies.we revealed several new models.

For example.This model,U150. It is a exquisite CSR 4.0 Bluetooth speaker with fully zinc metal finish.Maybe you will be surprised if I tell you, just the zinc metal parts are handled with 9 complicated process.It adopts our special EST(enhanced sound technology) plus a 5W big speaker,The sound is very rich,clear and powerful.

Another model is U910,It is a IP54 dust and water proof portable Bluetooth speaker.It is designed for outdoor use. We use two five watts drivers and a 40*70 passive radiator to deliver a dynamic and powerful sound. What’s more.It combined with proffesional audio DSP to allow customer to adjust different sound EQ for personal listening.

This model is U300. It is a quality outdoor speaker which combined with NFC. Maybe you will say NFC is not rare to see. But the other manufactuer use NFC just for easier pairing. while our model can power on the speaker and pairing automatically when you put your NFC playback device near the speaker. Thank you.